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How fast does it spin?
The speed can be varied. It takes 2 hours to do a rotation at the slower speed, which is 40 metres per hour...


Media Update

  • “Better Homes and Gardens”, the television show, undertook a progress shoot in late 2004 whilst under construction and their final shoot in March 2006. The ERH / BHG episode had approximately one million viewers and was broadcast on Friday 19th of May 2006. The house was featured in the BHG magazine June 2006 edition, which complements the television show.
  • The Everingham Rotating House was included in the Non Conventional Homes Eco Tour in 2004, 2005 and 2006. We have committed to 2007. It is conducted on the June long weekend. In 2005, we welcomed approximately 1,000 visitors between 9.00am and 6.00pm on the Sunday.
  • Pioneer TV Productions (London) filmed the house in March as part of the second series of “Most Extreme Homes of the World”. Pioneer describe their audience as 80 million subscribers in the USA, then 20 other countries, including Australia. By comparison to Better Homes & Gardens, this feature will be very detailed and much longer duration.
  • New Inventors / ABC TV ERH episode was broadcast on Wednesday 27 th of September 2006. New Inventors has an audience of approx. one million.
  • Chad Randlh is writing a book titled “The History Of Rotating Structures” for Princeton Publishing. According to Chad,the ERH will be of particular significance because of it’s recent completion and it was designed, built and lived in by the one person.
  • Designex 2006, Sydney. Luke Everingham invited to speak on the ERH.
  • The Owner Builder Magazine April / May edition features the ERH as the cover story with a detailed six page article.
  • The September 2006 edition of Electrical Connection also features the ERH as the cover story and takes a trade related look at the project.
  • Our local newspapers, Manning River Times and Wingham Chronicle published stories on the ERH in May 2006 just prior to the BHG broadcast.
  • “Domain”, the Herald newspaper real estate supplement, published a double page spread on the ERH on Thursday the 11th of May 2006. .
  • Quartile Research, who provide syndicated weekly news about the Australian and New Zealand property markets to around half a million email newsletter recipients each month, wrote one of the very first articles about the ERH in March 2006.
  • The Land (magazine) 9 November 2006 edition. ERH has been included in an article called Top Ten Houses in NSW.
  • Radio interviews with 2 BOB FM and ABC Radio in September 2006.

There are many other media opportunities scheduled between now and March 2007. Click here to contact us.

Interested in having your own ERH?

Given the interest this project has generated, I will be building more of these houses. There have been thousands of hour’s research to arrive at this point. I have assembled a fantastic team of trades people – enthusiastic and highly skilled. I have also learnt a lot from constructing ERH Mk I and living in it for a year and am looking forward to utilising this experience on future ERH projects. If you would like an ERH built for you, send us an email through the Contacts page of this website.